Our Mission

Our History

Rev, Philip and his wife, Jummai, and their children emigrated from Nigeria, from a Muslim
dominated society. They have been engaged in outreach and discipleship ministry, especially
among Muslims. Philip said, “I will always be grateful to God for calling us to reach out to this
people group for 26 years now! We have overflowing joy at the privilege of seeing our “spiritual
children” from Islam growing in their faith—some of whom are now themselves spiritual
Their goal in Minnesota is to start a church where believers from Muslim background or any
religion will be accommodated.
It wasn’t long on their arrival in Minnesota that the Lord connected them with some men from
the Sudanese community who desire to start a church but had no pastor to lead them.
Prayerfully they started gathered in one of the brothers’ house and started fellowship that grew
to the church planted in 2015.
Through the years of Rev. Philip and his family in Minnesota they have been involved with the
northern Nigeria community, Zumunta Association as a third place. Haven seen the need of the
gospel within the community he reach-out to the believers among them and cast out the vision
of planting a church and the response was positive.

The Mission

To glorify God in equipping the church to grow in their relationship with Christ to fulfill the
great commission.

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              ABOUT US

The Vision

Transforming lives through the efficacy of God’s Word, inspiring worship and prayers.

About the Church

    The biblical foundation of Hope of Nations Gospel/Fellowship Church is based on Isaiah 2:2, "In the last days the mountain of the Lord's temple will be established as the highest of the
mountains ... and all nations will stream to it." This prophetic metaphor was fulfilled when
Christ established His church. He continues to draw nations in expansion of His kingdom above
all religions.

   Our local assembly is a missions-minded church, practically sharing the love of Christ to all
people groups and welcoming everyone, regardless of status, ethnicity or color.

  Our church is anchored and rooted in the principles of the apostles' teaching, equipping thesaints for ministry, teaching the true undiluted gospel and trusting transformation by the Spirit.

Our church is affiliated to SBC and NAMB